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Hetzner kubernetes

Create production grade Kubernetes clusters in Hetzner Cloud in a couple of minutes or less. This is a CLI tool to quickly create and manage Kubernetes clusters in Hetzner.

A CLI to create a Kubernetes cluster in Hetzner Cloud very quickly using k3s.

Recently I have been setting up a Kubernetes on Hetzner Cloud. The reason of choosing Hetzner Cloud in this instance was purely an economical one, plus the service is good and I have never had any major issues. One of the most critical aspects of running a cost efficient Kubernetes cluster is to have autoscaling of your cluster nodes.

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The code above does two main things: Creates all the Kubernetes cluster nodes (three masters, three workers) using a single "hcloud_server" resource. Opens up holes in each cluster node's Hetzner Cloud firewall for each other cluster node to allow intra-cluster communication. The looping of data is based on for_each function, which is used to. Self-hosting Kubernetes on Hetzner requires much more human resources compared to using hosted services, but it gives back your transparency, chance to learn, and save costs. Polar Squad has a long.

$ hetzner-kube cluster add-worker --name k8s --nodes 2 Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the configuration of the master node using the hetzner-kube utility without completely re-creating the Kubernetes cluster at this point in time. To work with.

With Hetzner Cloud Load Balancers, we only charge you for each hour your Load Balancer is running. If you no longer want to use Load Balancers, simply delete it. ... Can Load Balancers be integrated with Kubernetes? Yes, we have an official cloud controller manager for Kubernetes available on GitHub. More FAQs +49 9831 505 0. [email protected]

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